Company employees should have a solid foundation in all aspects of environmental sustainability through its training program. The program covers several topics, all of which will help participants grasp the essentials of managing climate change, within the context of the company and their immediate environment.

List of seminar modules
Carbon Emissions and implications for business:
Topics include:

  • The role of business in reducing carbon emissions
  • Measuring carbon emissions
  • Carbon footprint management
  • Creating a zero carbon emissions environment

Emissions Trading and opportunities for business:
Topics include

  • Emissions trading in the context of regulatory frameworks (Kyoto Protocol, EU – ETS etc)
  • Use of emissions trading as a market based instrument
  • Carbon pricing
  • Practicalities of trading and trading tools

Green Buildings: Retrofitting your way to energy efficiency:
Topics include

  • The energy performance certificate for buildings – the law and its implications
  • The contribution of retrofitting in energy savings
  • Designing and incorporating energy conservation measures
  • Designing and incorporating water conservation measures
  • Technology and new materials
  • Barriers and solutions to retrofitting

Beyond CSR: aspiring towards corporate social engagement
Topics include

  • Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility
  • Integration with corporate strategy, decision making and risk management
  • Managing stakeholder expectation and increasing stakeholder engagement
  • Managing employee perceptions : creating value for the employee
  • Benefits of  corporate investment in community driven development

Pharmaceuticals: Championing health, championing the environment:
Topics include

  • Incorporating environmental sustainability and CSR practices
  • Achieving energy efficiency through green procurement, supply chain management and distribution
  • Green pharmacy: managing pharmaceutical waste

Green Investment
Topics include:

  • Green investment products
  • Benefits of socially responsible investment
  • Risk management
  • Shareholder engagement

These are some of our modules. In addition to the above,  provides customized training courses for organizations, tailored to their individual needs